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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Isotonic solution of sodium chloride.

Isotonic solution : 
0.9% Nacl chloride solution (Normal saline) has the same osmotic pressure as blood plasma. So, it is called isotonic solution.

To prepare of 500 ml isotonic solution :
0.9% Nacl chloride is 100ml.
100ml of isotonic contain 0.9 gm nacl
1ml of isotonic contain (0.9/100) gm Nacl
500 ml of isotonic contain (0.9 * 500/100) gm Nacl = 4.5 gm Nacl

Requirement of apparatus:
1. Chemical balance and weight box.
2. Beaker / volumetric flask 500ml
3. Stirrer
4. Reagent bottle 500ml
5. Funnel
6. White paper and gum.

Isotonic solution of sodium chloride
At first 9gm of corium chloride (Nacl) are weighted with balance. 600ml of distilled water is taken in a beaker/volumetric flask and added 9gm Nacl. Mixed it properly then distilled water is added up to 1000 ml. Then again mixed it with the help of stirrer. Transferred it to the reagent bottle and labeled.


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