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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Completion and validation of a Graduation Research Project is an essential requirement for obtaining the degree of B. Pharm. The Project is required to be prepared as per the following rules and conditions:
The students in the fourth year of B. Pharm. shall present a project based on all round knowledge they have acquired in the five main subjects viz., pharmacy practice, pharmaceutics & pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical & medicinal chemistry, pharmacognosy, & phytochemistry and pharmacology & toxicology. This project also includes a research work, which the students carry out on recent developments in pharmaceutical sciences.
Objectives of the Graduation Research Project
  • To ensure that the sum total of the academic achievement of the student is in consonance with the goals of the College.
  • To ensure that the student is sufficiently trained to extract necessary pharmaceutical information directly from different sources like Internet, Journals etc.
  • To have sufficient training to compile, classify and organize matters relating to pharmacy.
  • To train the student in presenting coherently the information collected by her.
  • To make the student aware of the latest aspects of pharmaceutical science.
  • To develop keenness in student for acquiring more and more knowledge about pharmaceutical sciences.
  • To create an ability among students in carrying out applied academic research on matters connected with latest development in pharmaceutical sciences.
Completion of the Graduation Research Project
The dissertation project shall be completed within one year starting in one September and finishing in the next September. Completion of the Graduation project, involves the following steps.
Presentation Procedure
  • Each member of the Pharmacy College staff or of the teaching panel from the Medical College shall suggest a few topics in right proportion to the number of students.
  • The selected topics shall be notified to the students at the end of the 2nd semester of the 3rd year.
  • Each student shall select six essays and one research topic by the end of June.
Procedure for selection and registration of topics for Graduation Research Project
  • Each staff member teaching in B. Pharm. gives a list of six essay topics and two research topics in his/her area of specialization to the Dean. 
  • All essay and research Project topics shall be notified to the students at the end of the 2nd semester of the 3rd year. 
  • Each group of two students selects from this list six essay topics and one research topic latest by 30th June. 
  • These essay and research topics shall be registered with the Supervisors latest by 10th July. 
  • The College Council shall approve research and essay topics and appoint the Supervisors.
Collection of data for Graduation Research Project
Dubai Pharmacy College provides sufficient facilities to the students for conducting the research and writing the Project.
Facilities for Project writing
  • Drug Information Center of Dubai Pharmacy College.
  • Central Library of Dubai Pharmacy College.
  • Internet facility provided by Dubai Pharmacy College.
  • Computers available in the College.
  • Library of Dubai Hospital.
Facilities for Research work of Project
  • Science Laboratories of Dubai Pharmacy College.
  • Science Laboratories of Dubai Medical College for Girls.
  • Instrumentation facilities of Central Laboratory of the Foundation.
  • Dubai Government hospitals under the Ministry of Health.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • Some general pharmacies.
Typing and designing of the Project’s dissertation
  • The typing and designing of the Project’s dissertation should be done as per the following guidelines.
  • The design of the cover page of the Project’s dissertation should be as given below:
  • The second page should have the contents of the Project’s dissertation.
  • The third page should have Part-I of Project essay topic number-I.
  • The fourth page should have the design as shown below
  • Pages following the one containing the Project topic I, should have the following:
    • Synopsis of the study.
    • The data given in support of the topic should be systematic, with reference numbers.
    • The tables or figures given at the end of each project should be numbered properly.
    • All lists and figures must be numbered.
  • After finishing the Project topic I the same pattern should be followed in writing the other Project essays.
  • After this , in the stage of writing the research work follow the pattern given below:
  • All the above mentioned points should be discussed with the concerned Supervisor. Rough copy should be got checked and approved from the Supervisor before the final copy is made.
Submission of the Graduation Research Project for Evaluation
  • Five copies of the Project’s dissertation are to be submitted to the Dean, latest by 15th September.
  • An Evaluation Committee for the Project shall be formed by the Dean in consultation with the College Council for the evaluation of the Project. The Evaluation Committee shall consist of the following:
    • Supervisors of the Project.
    • A Pharmacist from the Hospital.
    • An experienced Pharmacist from Industry.
  • The students have to present their Project work in front of the members of the Evaluation Committee. The evaluation of the Project will be done between September 20 to September 30.
  • The evaluation shall be in the form of a lecture or oral presentation by the candidate. The distribution of marks (300) shall be as follows:
Marks Alotted
Written work75
Oral Exam75
Published in indexed Journal or Conference75
Grand Total300
  • If a student falls short of achieving 60 % marks in the Graduation Project, then she has to resit the examination for the Project after one month of her previous attempt.
Each Project is written by a group of four students, each student of the group is allotted a particular portion of the project to write. If in a group one student is able to complete her portion of the project in time and the other students are not able to complete their portion, then the student who completes in time is examined in time with the rest of the students of that particular batch. While the other students who could not complete their portion are given one month as grace period to complete and then they are examined alone.


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