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Saturday, February 18, 2012

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6 Easy Ways to Memorize Barrons GRE Words
If you are taking GRE Exam, believe it or not you need to have good vocabulary. If you have habit of reading novels, magazine and English news papers, then your vocabulary will be high compared to others. But, not everyone are avid readers and to improve GRE Verbal skills, memorizing  GRE Verbal words is something you have to do.
But, not everyone have equal ability to remember words. Barron’s book has 50 Verbal Words list and it’s no an easy task to remember all the words. Some students have natural capacity to read words list few times and remember all 3500 words in 1 to 2 months time. Here are 6 different ways to to memorize Barrons GRE words just to tackle GRE Verbal section.

Memorize Barrons GRE Verbal Wordlist

  1. Brute Force Memorizing ( if you are good at it)
  2. Word – Word Associations
  3. Word to Picture Association (Time Consuming)
  4. Use Flash Cards
  5. Word Deconstruction
  6. 80/20 Way
Brute Force – Word Memorizing
Just memorize all the words lists one at a time. Have a target of 3 to 7 wordlists per week or 1 word list per day. Read 5 word list, then make sure you can recollect all the words before starting 6th word list. you can mix it up by starting 1 to 5 then 46 to 50 and back to 6 to 10 and so on. If you plan to follow this approach, you would need atleast 4 to 5 months of GRE Exam preparation time.
Word – Word Associations
Pretty much all the words are associated to different word (synonyms). When you read a word, find all the synonyms related to that and try to remember atleast 1 synonym.  This is not easy as it sounds, but if you are struggling to find a way to remember, then it could help.
Within 3500 Barrons GRE Words, you will find related words. If you find a word in List 1 and if you read a synonym for that word in List 25, go back to List 1 and write the word you found in List 25.
Word to Picture Association
There are few companies that sell products [Word to picture associations]. Do you have to spend ton of money to buy something that will hell you remember words. It’s just waste of money. How long it would take for you to associate a picture to a word?
Seriously, if you cannot find an image to associate to a word, you better reconsider if you really want to take GRE Exam.
This another way to remember Barrons GRE Words, but its time consuming. You might spend more time trying to remember the picture than the words.
GRE Verbal Flash Cards
Using Flash Cars is the best way to remember the words. There are many techniques that you can use along with flash cards to memorize GRE Verbal words. You need to buy an flash cards products, just buy few packs of plain visiting cards and use it as Flash Card. It’s simple and it stays on with you. Read more about using Flash Cards to memorize GRE Verbal Words.
Word De-construction
Use suffix or root words to find the core meaning of the word, then put that in context to find the right word. To do that you would have to know most of the root words.
80/20 Way
Well, this is one of the commonly used method while studying for GRE Exam. Read as many words as possible, then just give up. Go take the exam and during GRE Test be ready to accept any you get in GRE Verbal section.  But, don’t feel bad if you didn’t score good in Verbal section.
There are many who have put lot of effort just to memorize and still ended up scoring less, but that’s how GRE Exam is designed. It’s not that exam was tough on specific day, its just how much one can score.
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