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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Liposomes : Rasional Design

This up-to-date reference covers the basics of liposomology, offering insights from over 30 scientists involved in its growth and considering the direction of future developments. Describes the liposome patent portfolio developed over the last 30 years! Outlining the procedures that bring liposome pharmaceuticals from laboratory to clinic, Liposomes · discusses the design of clinical trials · analyzes morphological diversity and functionality in gene delivery · highlights antitumor activities of lipids acting as second messengers · suggests how antibodies to cholesterol can be used therapeutically · explores applications of liposomes with high captured volumes · details the clinical detection of antilipid antibodies · addresses the lyophilization of liposomes · and more! With over 1400 references, tables, drawings, and photographs, Liposomes is suitable for industrial, clinical, and research pharmacists; pharmacologists; research and development scientists in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, veterinary, agricultural, and chemical industries; biochemists; industrial, medicinal, organic, and pharmaceutical chemists; biophysicists; biotechnologists; microbiologists; molecular and cell biologists; and graduate students in these disciplines.
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