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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Free Download pharmacophore perception development and use in drug by osman f.guner -Free Pharmacy Books Download From

 In the early 1900s, Paul Ehrlich first defined pharmacophores as molecule frameworks that carry the essential features responsible for a drug's biological activity, and the modern definition is little changed. The 27 studies here begin by tracing the evolution of the concept in pharmaceutical research, then cover analog-based and receptor-based varieties, new algorithms, and the future of research. Among the specific topics: pharmacophores based on multiple common-feature alignments; modeling programs including HypoGen, DISCO, Catalyst, HipHop, GASP, Chem-X, Apex-3D, CoMF A; pharmacophore-based molecular docking, a technique for developing a pharmacophore model that accommodates inherent protein flexibility; and the effect of variable weights and tolerances on predictive model generation. Books in Print lists only one other book on the topic of pharmacophores.



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