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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Raw materials warehouse audit checklist

What is Raw materials warehouse audit checklist?

HACCP audit checklist of raw materials warehouse include questions as follows:

1. Shelves that form part of a shelving unit are at least 150 mm above the floor
2. Materials are stacked a minimum 43 mm from the wall to provide access for inspection, cleaning, and vermin control
3. Food containers are used to store food, not cleaning chemicals, rubbish, screws, nuts, etc.
4. Ingredient bins and containers are cleaned periodically to prevent insect infestations and microbial growth
5. The warehouse is free from vermin and other animals
6. Food is stored in a way that will prevent cross contamination
7. Dirty or broken pallets are not used
8. Chemicals are clearly labeled & stored away from food ingredientsto prevent contamination and their being mistaken for food ingredients
9. Vermin baits are readily identifiable and not likely to contaminate food
10. The warehouse is clean and free from objectionable odors.
11. The warehouse is in a state of good repair
12. Raw materials are inspected before unloading
13. Raw materials (food and packaging) are covered / enclosed to prevent contamination by insects, dust or foreign matter




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