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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Dear Pharma Friends,Plz share this ,to all pharma professionals..*

Online Registration & Signature Campaigning Start


               Dt-29th,July-2012(Sunday)      Venue:-JANTAR MANTAR



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1.     1.  *Formation of Ministry of Pharmaceuticals:* All Regulatory frame
work come under one roof i.e. (DCGI, IPC, PCI, NPPA, NIPER, PHARMEXCIL, all

2.      2. *Formation of Indian Pharmaceutical Services* –Pharma sector
requires a dedicated set of people who understand its requirements and
helps in its growth and overall improvement. Many pharmacists join the
govt. departments to carry out specialized services pertaining to
regulations, academics or otherwise. It would add to the respect and give
social status to the pharmacists if these recruitments are conducted
through Indian Pharmaceutical Services. This could be put in place after
due consultation/Approval of Chairman/Secretary of UPSC.

3.      3. *Immediate amendment of the Food Safety and Standards Act,
2011:* “Graduate
in Pharmacy” under the heading Educational Qualification has been deleted
in selection criteria for appointment as Food Inspector under this Act.
Earlier under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, Graduate in Pharmacy
was one of the qualifications for this post. Because of this reason
recently we lost as many as 400+ posts for the Pharmacists which would have
been appointed as Food Inspector in the State of UP  and Gujarat .
Parliament Standing Committee-Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has
taken this decision. As such this Act needs to be amended so as to
incorporate Pharmacy Degree as one of the qualification in the Food Safety
and Standards Act, 2011.

4.      4. *Amendment in Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945**:-* *Rule64*
the conditions for the grant/renewal of whole sale Drug License. Such
license should be issued only to Registered Pharmacist. Other
qualifications (10th class or Inter mediate with 4year Exp… or any graduate
with one year exp…) should be deleted. In *Rule--65*, Retail sale of Drugs
License should be issued either to the Proprietor, Partner or Director of
the firm who should necessarily be a Registered Pharmacist. Other
qualifications should be deleted. If these changes occur Lakhs of
Pharmacists will find employment.

5.      5. *Rule -71and 76* under the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules 1945,
related to Renewal of drugs/ Manufacturing License. Educational
qualification must be Graduate in Pharmacy. Other qualifications (Science
Graduate (B.Sc or should be deleted.

6.      6. *Pharmacists in Clinical Role:*  There should be an appropriate
expansion of the role of a pharmacist. This should not be limited to simply
dispensing or compounding. With the newer role,a pharmacist should play a
major role in healthcare and should be allowed to have a prescriber’s role
which might  be limited. In US and other developed countries , a Doctor
diagnoses the disease, a Pharmacist prescribes & dispenses the medicines as
per the diseases  while a  nurse administers the drug as per the
instruction by the treating doctor likewise in India the said system should
be fully  adopted and a pharmacists’ role should not be limited to just
distributing  the medicines..A better use of the services of a pharmacist
will help us in providing the quality health services to patients in India.
Therefore we urge the competitive authorities to allow Pharmacists in our
country to prescribe the medicine as per the diagnosis by doctor.

*      7. Drug Administration:* Drug Control General of India (DCGI) & each
state Drug administration authority (Drug controller & Drug Inspector),
these posts must be in qualification i.e: Degree/postgraduate or /Doctorate
degree in Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences.

*8. Employment Generation of Pharmacists in NRHM* (Primary health centre &
Community health centre). The poor quality of healthcare provided to
patients in India can be further improved by propagating the role of a
pharmacist. He can play a major role in delivering proper health services
through a dedicated cadre which can work progressively in hospital
settings. There should be a recognized Cadre formation for existing working
pharmacists in hospitals. This will open the doors for Pharm.D pharmacists
in hospitals and at the same time B. Pharm. pharmacists will also get
government jobs apart from being absorbed as Drug Inspectors. Proposed
cadre will have posts starting from Pharmacist to Director (Pharmacy).

*9. Proposed amendments in Pharmacy Act, 1948* :(* Formation of Pharmacy
Education Board*)

***There should be a single board  for governing  and regulating  Pharmacy
Education at all levels (D.Pharma, B.Pharma, M.Pharma, Pharm.D) for which
Pharmacy Education Board should be constituted.

***It is important to note that the pharmacy professionals from all over
India should have a uniform syllabus and should be taught a similar
curriculum. This should be taken on priority and be done under the aegis of
Pharmacy Council of India.

***Pharmacy council should devise regulations /suggestions regarding the
appointment of faculty members who will to impart quality pharmacy
education    Special efforts should be taken for creation of posts for all
professionals as per their educational qualification.

*** The undergraduate course in Pharmacy (B.Pharma) should be restructured
in a manner that the subject which are offered in the prefinal and final
years should be such that they lead to development of professionals who are
able to cater to the needs of industry, hospital, research, community
pharmacy etc.

 ***G.PAT: In order to motivate a large number of students to pursue higher
degrees like M.Pharma, there should be an increase in number of
scholarships offered to GPAT qualifiers. This year a steep reduction in
GPAT qualifiers have added to the disappointment of students.

*** As per decision of Pharmacy Council of India, Bridge Course should be
started immediately for the Diploma holder Pharmacists of India. It will
equalize them Degree Pharmacy education.

*** Pay Band – 2 (PB - 2) should be given as entry pay scale to the
Pharmacists (Diploma/Degree holders) working in Union/State Govt. Services.
It has already been sanctioned to the Diploma Holder Junior Engineers,
Nurses and Dental Hygienists etc.

***Formation of Central Registered of Pharmacists: to be done by Pharmacy
Council of India.

*10. Proposed amendment in NIPER ACT:* The Director’s post should have a
basic qualification like a postgraduate or /Doctorate degree in
Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences.



very big target in front of US....Need Support Each Pharmacists Of Our

*Deepak Mishra*
*National Coordinator*
*Delhi Chalo Pharmacists:Movement*
*Executive Member,UDF,New Delhi*


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