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Monday, April 16, 2012

Frequency Distribution and Graphical Presentation in Excel

Step-1 Find out maximum value from the raw data.
Max = max(Data range)

Step-2 Find out the minimum value from the raw data.
Min = min(Data range)

Step-3 Find out the range.

Step-4 Find the number of classes.
Where, k=number of classes

Step-5 Find the class interval.
Class Interval=Range/k

Step-6 Find the bins array.
Minimum value of the data + Class interval.
NOTE: - Bins array find up to maximum value of raw data.

Step-7 Find out the frequency.
=Frequency(data array,bins array)
Select the blank cells near bins array column>Select the formula of the frequency>select
data array>press F2>select bins array>press F2>again press F2>press control+shift+ enter

Step-8 Find out the cumulative frequency.
Cumulative frequency=F1=CF1, CF1+F2=CF2,
CF2+F3=CF3,CF3+F4=CF4,CF4+F5=CF5,CF5+F6=CF6 etc.
F= Frequency, CF= Cumulative frequency.

Step-9 Instruction to draw a Histogram:
Insert Menu _ Chart _ Columns Type Chart _ Sub Chart _Data Range _ Give Title, X axis and Y
axis _ Give Labels (if necessary) _Finish



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