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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All Pharmacy software list with link

  • C++ Library of Genetic Algorithm Components --
  • Chemical Computing Group Inc. -- A leading provider of computational applications aimed at drug discovery
  • Chemical Markup Language --
  • Chemissian: quantum chemistry program for visualizing electron/spin density distribution and UV-VIS spectra, plotting molecular orbital energy level diagrams, calculating atomic orbital populations, contributions of atoms and fragments to MOs. Chemissian supports output files of US-GAMESS, PC-GAMESS/Firefly and Gaussian quantum chemistry software packages --
  • Chemistry Software and Information Resources (CSIR) --
  • ChemTK -- a cheminformatics toolkit for Windows --
  • Chimera -- package for molecular modeling: atom-type identification, association of structures with sequence alignments, and interactive contouring of volume data (for example, electron density or electrostatic potential). Results from several molecular dynamics programs and from DOCK can be viewed and analyzed. Free for academia. --
  • CLIFF -- is a powerful program which provides a series of functionality, which goes beyond a simple conversion tool: --
  • CMDBioscience, LLC -- CMD bioscience ( ) specializes in the use of novel proprietary computational methods to model and engineer clinically important protein-protein and protein-peptide interactions. Our Affinity algorithm is designed to predict protein-protein / protein-peptide binding affinities; it is fast enough for use as a scoring function and will be made freely available to the academic community. Other key, proprietary computational tools employed by scientists at CMD Bioscience include Ensemble and Transcend. These groundbreaking search algorithms, when interfaced with Affinity, allow CMD scientists to efficiently design novel peptides and proteins
  • CompuChem --
  • Computational Chemistry -- excellent software for research and higher education.
  • Computational Science and Engineering Online -- ( ) - An innovative web-based Grid-enabled environment for molecular modeling and simulation
  • COSMOlogic -- Software for Life Sciences, Chemical Engineering and Quantum Chemistry. COSMOtherm (quantitative calculation of solvation mixture thermodynamics based on quantum chemistry), COSMOfrag (a tool that performs the rapid, automated fragmentwise construction of approximate sigma-profiles of larger molecules), COSMOsim (uses COSMO-RS method to assess crucial information for most ADME properties), COSMOmic (describes micelles or biomembranes) and distribution of other computational chemistry packages.
  • Culgi BV -- is dedicated to provide the chemical and pharmaceutical industry with revolutionary modelling tools for the rational design of soft matter formulations. Our flagship product is the Chemistry Unified Language Interfacemodelling library.
  • Elsevier MDL - scientific content, informatics framework and workflow applications that accelerate successful life sciences R&D by improving the speed and quality of scientists' decision making --

  • ImageWave EHS Enterprise Software Solution - This EHS solution provides MSDS Management (MSDSFinder), Environmental Reporting (including SARA 313 and Tier II), Container Labeling, MSDS Authoring, MSDS directory, MSDS Scanning/Updating Service and more.
  • JOELib -- An open source computational chemistry package written in Java
  • Jmol -- A free open source molecule viewer
  • VEGA1.4.3--program to convert, manage and visualize of 3D structures for several platforms (Win32, Linux, Irix, AmigaOs). --
  • VLifeMDS ( ) (VLife Molecule Design Suite) is an integrated platform for Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) and molecule discovery available for both Windows® and Linux platforms. This integrated suite provides complete toolkit to scientists to perform all scientific functions required to pursue structure based as well as ligand based discovery approaches.
  • VMD Molecular Visualization Software --
X,Y,Z ZMM Software, Inc. -- -- Molecular Modeling and Simulation Software (MVM viewer is a freeware, ZMM is a molecular modeling and simulation system that runs on Windows and Unix/Linux).


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