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Monday, January 23, 2012


IMPORTANT NOTE: Applicants must remember User’s Name and Password. If you forget these, then all the information and further process will remain inaccessible to you when you login again. Your User Name & Password (minimum eight [08] alphanumeric characters) must be unique. Do not use your mobile number as password.
  1. Step A: Entering into the system (login)
    1. Click on the icon ‘ONLINE Registration’ in the website.
    2. The ‘login page’ menu will open. Click on the “Register” icon. The page for ‘New user’ for GPAT2012 will appear on screen.
    3. Type User Id and Password (minimum eight [08] alphanumeric characters) in the given space and enter the Password again in the provided space. Click on the “Next” icon. The page for registration for GPAT2012 will appear on screen.
  2. Step B: Filling the Application Form
    • Name of the Candidate: Type your name as given in the 10th Class certificate.
    • Date of Birth: Use ‘Calendar’ for filling the required date, month and year.
    • Gender: Choose ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ as appropriate.
    • Category: Select the category as applicable.
    • Physical Disability (PD): ‘Yes’ to be filled only by those applicants who have physical disability certificate.
    • Name of the Parent/Guardian: Type your Parent/Guardian’s name
    • Relationship with Applicant: Type appropriate relation like Father, Mother or Guardian.
    • Nationality: It is ‘Indian’ by default, make change if required.
    • E-mail Address: Type your valid E-mail Id.
    • Landline No. with STD code: Type your phone number with STD code (total 10 digits excluding initial ‘0’)
    • Mobile Number: Type your mobile number (total 10 digits excluding initial ‘0’)
    • State/Union territory in which your college/institute is located: Choose appropriate State/UT, where you are studying/studied from the scroll down menu.
    • Year of qualifying exam: Choose appropriate year of qualifying B. Pharmacy degree from the ‘scroll down’ menu. If you are in Final year B. Pharmacy then chooses 2012.
    • Choice of Examination City 1: Choose appropriate city from the ‘scroll down’ menu as the first choice city as your examination center.
    • Choice of Examination City 2: Choose appropriate second choice of city from the ‘scroll down’ menu.
    • Address for Correspondence:
      • Address: Type only your full corresponding address (except for city and Pin code) using the three rows with not more than 35 characters in each row. At least TWO ROWS must be filled. Do not write your name here in any of the rows.
      • City: Type the name of the city in the space provided.
      • Pin/Zip Code: Type appropriate city pin code (not more than six characters).
      • State: Choose appropriate State/UT from the scroll down menu.
    • After completing all the entries, press the button “Save”. If there is some mistake in filling the application form it will be indicated by a warning in red color near the appropriate boxes. In absence of such warning, your process of filling of the application form is correct. You can recheck all your entries again to be sure.
    • After completing (or correcting) the entries, as you click on “Save” button, “Download Bank Challan (pdf)” button will appear on the screen. Click on the “Download Bank Challan (pdf)” button, a message opens on your screen “once you generate bank challan, you will not be able to edit application details, continue” Click on “ok” if all entries are correct or click on “cancel” to recheck all your entries again for sure.
    • Once you click on “Ok”, bank challan will appear on the new screen (see Specimen A).
  3. Step C: Printing of Bank Challan and making payment in the Bank
    1. Take a print out of the Bank challan by clicking the ‘Print’ command in the main menu.
    2. After taking the print out of the bank challan, “logout” by clicking the “logout” or “Closer”(X) button.
    3. Carry the bank challan to the nearest branch of Bank of Baroda (No other bank is authorized to collect the application fee) in your city. Make appropriate payments (Rs. 1000/- for ‘General’ and ‘OBC’ category and Rs. 500/- for SC/ST/PD), as printed in the challan.
    4. Ask the bank staff to write ‘SOL ID’ of the Bank branch and the ‘Transaction ID’ at appropriate places (SOL ID and Transaction ID. must be written on all the three copies of the bank challan)
    5. Bank will retain its copy and will hand over the other two copies i.e. GPAT’s copy and the Candidates copy to you.
  4. Step D: Filling Bank details in the Application Form
    1. Once you have made the bank payments and obtained the duly endorsed challan by the bank, once again ‘login’ into the system by clicking the ‘ONLINE Registration’ button on the website and putting ‘User Id’ and ‘Password’ under Login page. Click “Sign in” button.
    2. A new page will appear having three options as given under:
      • ‘Download Bank Challan (pdf)’.[Optional and to be operated only when you fail to print the Bank challan in No. 1 (Step C)]
      • ‘Update bank details/Upload photograph and signature’
      • Logout
    3. Click “Update bank details/Upload photograph and signature”. The filled application form will appear on the screen (See Specimen B).
      Note: You must upload photograph and signature to correct specified fields. Do not make any mistake in uploading candidate signature and photograph. Photo/Sign should be in “.jpg” format.
    4. Upload Passport size Photograph (Candidate must have softcopy of passport size photograph in .jpg format. Keep size of photograph as required [100 KB maximum size])
      • Click on “upload photograph”. A separate window will open. click “Browse” button, select the scanned file from saved location and click “Open” button. Finally to submit the photograph click on “Submit” button.
    5. Put signature (area of 50mm widthX12mm height on paper) with a black ball point pen. Scan the paper. Crop signature area of 50mm widthX12mm height and save it. Keep size of the signature to a maximum of 100 KB and save it in .jpg format.
      • Click on “upload signature”. A separate window will appear. Click “Browse” button, select the scanned file from the saved location and click “Open” button. Finally to submit the signature click on “Submit” button.
    6. Enter the ‘SOL ID’ and ‘Transaction ID’ as given in the bank challan and Date of payment by using calender, in the Application Form in the given blocks.
    7. Click the button “Save” to get “Download Application (pdf)” button. Once you click on “Save” button a message opens on your screen “Once you save details, you will not be able to edit bank details / update photo and signature, continue”. Click on “ok” if all entries are correct or click on “cancel” to recheck all your entries again for sure.
    8. Once you click on “Ok” then click on “Download Application (pdf)”, the ‘application form’ and ‘Address Slip’ will appear on the new screen.
  5. Note: Preview of Candidate Photo and Signature must be clearly visible to the candidate, if photo/signature image is coming small or not visible in preview on website online then it mean photo/signature is not as in prescribed format and your application will be rejected. So, be careful while uploading your photo and signature.
    A sample of quality of acceptable and non-acceptable photographs/signatures is given below for the guidance of the applicants.

    Acceptable Photographs

    pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5

    Acceptable Signatures

    sign1 sign2 sign3 sign4 sign5

    Unacceptable Photographs

    pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5 pic6

    Unacceptable Signatures

    sign1 sign2 sign3 sign4 sign5 sign6

  6. Step E: Taking a print out of the Application Form and Address Slip
    1. Take a print out of the Application form (See Specimen C) and address slip (See Specimen D) on a good quality A4 size thick paper by clicking ‘Print’ button from the main menu.
    2. In case you fail to take a print out of the completed application form, then you can access the application form by ‘login’ again and opting for “Download Application (pdf)”
  7. Step F: Completing the Application Form and sending to GPAT Office
    1. Put your signature in the place provided in ‘Undertaking’ block. ‘Use black ball point pen only’ for signatures (See Specimen E).
    2. Keep a photocopy of the completed Application Form for your record.
    3. Paste the printed “Address Slip” on good quality A4 size envelope (See Specimen F)
    4. On the back of the passport size photograph (one used for scanning and uploading) write your application number.
    5. Stuff the printed ‘Application form’, the ‘GPAT copy of bank challan’ in original (no zerox copy) and copy of photograph (as mentioned in point 4) in the above A4 size envelope (without folding).
    6. Send the above envelope to the printed GPAT Office address by Speed Post/Regd. Post/in person.


1 Printed Application form contain all information YES
2 Put your signatures below the Undertaking YES
3 Retain a photocopy of the completed application form for your record YES
4 Send Original Bank challan (GPAT copy) along with the application form YES
5 Send positively passport size photograph (with application number written at it's back side) YES
6 Unfolded Application form sent in an address slip pasted A4 sized envelope to GPAT Office YES


  1. Your Registration for GPAT-2012 Examination is not complete unless you have followed all the steps from ‘Step A’ to ‘Step F’
  2. The last date of completing the Application process including filling of bank details is 20th Feb. 2012

Download "Instruction for online registration (pdf)"



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