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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Electromembrane Extraction
This mini-review of a new sample preparation technique called "electromembrane extraction" demonstrates how the combination of an electroextraction with hollow-fibre liquid-phase microextraction can lead to a very selective, rapid sample preparation method for the extraction of charged substances from complex matrices such as plasma, breast milk and urine. Several important parameters for successful extraction are presented and application examples of various analyte–matrix combinations are tabulated.
A lot of effort has been devoted recently to the miniaturization of existing liquid–liquid extraction methods to make them more versatile and powerful. Reducing the use of hazardous organic solvents due to environmental and cost concerns, time reduction, ease of automation, possible on-line coupling, high-throughput capability and the small amounts of matrix available are major incentives that have motivated scientists working towards miniaturization. In bioanalysis, which in this context is defined as the analysis of small drug molecules and their metabolites in biological samples, the complexity of the matrices requires selective and specific sample preparation methods to isolate the analytes of interest.
LCGC Europe, Mar 1, 2010


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