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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology, Volume 20

AAI, Inc., Wilmington, NC. An encyclopedia of pharmaceutical technology, offering a collection of entries on a number of subjects, from drug delivery to process chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry. Lists the contents for all 20 volumes in the set. DNLM: Chemistry, Pharmaceutical-encyclopedias.

Encyclopedia of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, Second Edition

Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA. Resource offers more than 3,300 lists expanded to reflect amendments to regulatory requirements and recently developed statistical methods impacting the drug review/approval process and biopharmaceutical research and development. Offers more than 3,000 equations, tables, and figures. Previous edition not cited.


Encyclopedia of Molecular Pharmacology, 2nd edition

An essential text, this is a fully updated second edition of a classic, now in two volumes. It provides rapid access to information on molecular pharmacology for research scientists, clinicians and advanced students. With the A-Z format of over 2,000 entries, around 350 authors provide a complete reference to the area of molecular pharmacology. The book combines the knowledge of classic pharmacology with the more recent approach of the precise analysis of the molecular mechanisms by which drugs exert their effects. Short keyword entries define common acronyms, terms and phrases. In addition, detailed essays provide in-depth information on drugs, cellular processes, molecular targets, techniques, molecular mechanisms, and general principles.


Encyclopedia of Clinical Pharmacy

This reference presents the latest procedures, practice guidelines, consensus documents, technological strategies, and regulatory standards for optimal pharmaceutical care--offering summaries for practical applications in a variety of clinical settings, including community and health-system pharmacies, clinics, hospice and long-term care facilities, government agencies, and pharmaceutical research and development organizations.


Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - 5 Volume Set

Placing specialists at the forefront of the nanoscience revolution, this reference identifies current challenges and development paths sure to influence fields ranging from materials and surface science, chemistry, and biomedicine to computer technology, information processing, and mechanical, optical, and electrical engineering-examining the design, application, and utilization of devices, techniques, and technologies critical to research at atomic, molecular, and macromolecular levels ranging from 1-100 nanometers.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition

This industry standard encyclopedia on pharmaceutical manufacturing processes has been completely updated in this 3rd Edition with FDA approved drugs up to the summer of 2004. This four volume set gives details for the manufacture of 2,226 pharmaceuticals that are being marketed as a trade-named product somewhere in the world. Each entry includes:
Theraputic Function
Chemical and Common Name
Structural Formula
Chemical Abstracts Number
Trade Name, Manufacturer, Country, and Year Introduced
Raw Materials
Manufacturing Process

In addition, references are also cited to major pharmaceutical works where additional information can be obtained on synthesis and the pharmacology of the individual products.
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Encyclopedia of Controlled Drug Delivery, 2 Volume Set

Covers all aspects of controlled drug delivery, including human, agricultural and animal applications. The 70 entries, written by an international team of renowned experts, offers A-to-Z coverage of controlled drug delivery systems for researchers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, agriculture companies, medical device companies, clinical research organizations and medical schools.

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Fiedler Encyclopedia of Excipients: For Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Related Areas

The two-volume encyclopedia offers a detailed description of properties, analyses and characteristic data for more than 17,000 excipients used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and related products. In addition, pharmacological and toxicological properties as well as allergy-inducing reactions are evaluated. Information on manufacturers is given in a directory at the end of the second volume.



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